First, sign up on "I want to crew", a menu on the right side of the web page. The skippers can log on and get your contact info. Remember that the information you provide is as public as it gets so save your secrets for other venues. In addition, CLRA has a special arrangement to assist guest crew with finding boats.  Every scheduled Wednesday race night, we have a "Crew" flag set up at the end of the Villa Capri dock.  If you want a sailboat ride (and are willing to work), just come out a little early (between 5:30 and about 6:10 PM), and hoist the bright pink Crew flag at the end of the dock.  When a boat comes over looking for crew, get on board.  They are committing to get you back to the dock after racing (~Sunset) unless you agree to other arrangement. Before getting on a boat or leaving the dock for any other reason, lower the flag.  It will be hoisted by the next person. That's the rule.  Flag up means someone is there ready to get on any boat.  Flag down means no boats will come in. The "Crew" flag is NOT for pre-arranged crew getting on a boat.  If you put the flag up and don't go with the first boat offering to take you, please leave the dock. Remember. The worst day of sailing is better than the best day of watching.  Public Health requirements may limit availability.